VPN to hide the IP address


An IP address (abbreviated as “Internet Protocol”) is a unique number assigned to each computer that connects to the Internet. Nowadays, there may be multiple computers behind the router that share a single IP using the Network Address Transformation (NAT) application. For example, if you’ve ever used a Wi-Fi hotspot to access the Internet, you’ve practically shared your IP address with someone.

How can someone know my location from my IP address?

How someone can know your location based on an IP address alone is explained by the fact that there is a huge database of Internet infrastructures that basically contains all IP address ranges and their approximate locations. In principle, anyone’s IP address can be requested from the main repository of IP addresses, such as names like Arin, Apnic, Afrinic, Lacnic, Ripe and so on.

When requesting IP addresses from these archives, you must also indicate approximately where these addresses are located. In addition, many ISPs provide additional information about specific IP addresses, for example, if you ask them for information about whois. As crazy as it sounds, all this information is basically public because somebody just goes in and sucks it into various databases.


How do I hide my IP address?

People may want to hide their IP address for a variety of reasons. Some may want to encrypt their own IP address, for example for geographical reasons, because they may want to use sites that are not allowed in their country. Others may want to make sure they want to prevent people from following them and their activities online. Others do not like the idea of ​​leaving behind all kinds of digital footprints. Very often, using a VPN service is a combination of these reasons.

If you want to hide your IP address, it is easiest to use the VPN service, a so-called virtual network, which basically allows you to encrypt a lot more than your IP address. Today, there are a number of different companies that provide VPN services to individuals, connecting to the network through their encrypted servers located around the world. The next time you sign in to a network, your location has been encrypted by a VPN provider.

The use of VPN is very common nowadays, as many individuals, besides individuals, want to be more secure because different forms of cybercrime and phishing are becoming more and more dangerous day by day. Here you can find more about hiding your location.