Vpn for linux


Linux is safe, but it should come as no surprise to anyone that using a virtual private network can improve security for Linux users as well. Namely, a good VPN hides the IP address, encrypts incoming and outgoing data and clears all logs.

In order to find a good VPN service for Linux, you must first determine for what purpose you need a virtual private network and then your provider’s Linux compatibility. Because Linux is a relatively less common operating system among Internet users, it has a more limited VPN offering.

Fortunately, some VPN developers have included Linux as well. You may not get all of the world’s finest VPN features for Linux, but certainly enough features for safer browsing.

Some Linux-based VPN services are better for international use (thanks to thousands of servers worldwide), while others have faster connections and others have advanced privacy policies. So there is plenty of choice for Linux as well, and the biggest difficulty is definitely about finding your own purpose.

Good VPNs for Linux