Free VPNs


Using a free VPN service is an attractive idea, but worth considering for free is rarely good. Many free VPN services have experienced serious security breaches and may have shared your information with third parties without asking you. Of course, everything depends on the application, so in some cases a free VPN can work well enough.

One reason why people are looking for a free VPN service is usually because they want to hide their actual IP address location for some reason. Another reason is often that in some cases, free VPN connections can bypass various geographical restrictions on the Internet. In this case, it is important that you choose a free, dedicated VPN program and not just download what comes first.

How does a free VPN work?

In principle, a free VPN works the same as a paid VPN. VPN hides your real IP address by connecting to the Internet through a server hosted by the VPN service. In this case, all data passing between the device and the VPN server is encrypted. Few free VPNs work well with Netflix, for example, because large streaming services also have other ways to identify users what IP address. However, a free VPN can help you protect your privacy, browse anonymously, and help you access certain websites.

Is Free VPN Secure?

People love free things. However, the truth is usually that free things really rarely exist. In one way or another, free services include a condition under which service providers are able to make a profit. Due to the cost of maintaining a VPN, some free VPNs may, for example, sell your information to third parties, add cookies to your computer for advertising purposes, use insecure protocols, or provide slower speeds and unstable connections and provide you with a better paid connection later. Here you can find more about free vs paid VPN’s. 

Some Reliable VPN Services with free trials