VPN and Internet censorship


For many people, the Internet today is the only sensible channel for receiving information. However, the Internet was originally created as an open network that is not in the hands of any individual state or government. However, if access to information is restricted, then we cannot talk about the open Internet.

In many authoritarian countries, governing bodies are seeking to limit the dissemination and receipt of free information. Although the free use of the Internet is more widespread and easier to access than ever before, it is also being restricted at an unprecedented scale worldwide. Indeed, on a global scale, Internet censorship has increased radically in recent years, and at least its pace does not seem to be diminishing.

One thing that is restricted in many countries is social media services like Facebook or Twitter. For many people, these channels are the main sources of news in addition to traditional communication. Many countries may restrict access to services for their citizens such as BBC, CNN, Instagram, Youtube and Google.

Countries restrict the Internet in different ways

Often, when it comes to censorship, many people first come to mind countries like China or Russia. However, you may be surprised to learn that they are not the only ones seeking to increase internet censorship.

Many countries have, quite openly, been restricting this concept of the free internet. In Venezuela, Egypt, Iran, China and other authoritarian countries, censorship is more a rule than an exception. All television and print media are state-run, and all views against official hegemony are virtually censored from the outset.

It is also worth noting, however, that many democracies, such as Australia, the USA, France and others, have introduced legislation that allows these countries to restrict or interfere with their citizens’ internet access on very vague grounds. Other less authoritarian countries also control your use of the Internet by imposing blockages and bans between ISPs and you.

It is not worth giving censorship a chance

Many are aware of censorship, but on the other hand, many people also trust the governing bodies of their countries. People are also more aware of search engine manipulation and how they can limit users from finding information on specific topics or websites.

However, you should not be content with a seeming sense of freedom, as, as has been seen many times before, the importance of totalitarian censorship is emphasized every time things start to go wrong. Imagine that your country is in total chaos and people are being held on the streets for their political convictions. What would you do if the Internet, your only source of communication and news, were thoroughly censored? Fortunately, however, it is possible to circumvent censorship as long as your internet connection is in order.

If you want to bypass all restrictions and access the Internet without censorship, VPN software is the tool you are looking for. Choose the VPN connection that suits you best and defeat internet censorship once and for all.