The best VPN softwares and services


Choosing a good VPN is not always easy. Some VPN software applications require more technical knowledge from users due to various installation and fine-tuning processes. Some softwares, on the other hand, operate with less effort and often also between operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux

If your goal is to set up a workable VPN provider that offers comprehensive software, is easy to use, and hassle-free on multiple platforms, you usually have a few good options available. However, it is worth remembering that they can often have some weaknesses, such as high prices.


The two most common reasons to use a VPN service


VPN and Privacy

Did you know that most western countries are part of the so-called 14 Eyes Alliance, which means that ISPs have virtually unlimited freedom to explore and keep track of your internet traffic. In some circumstances, information may also be disclosed to the authorities even if you are not necessarily suspected of any crime. For example, using a public WI-FI network, where various hackers can have direct access to your e-mail or online banking information, is also problematic in terms of security. This makes VPN a great as well as a really useful tool for keeping your network safe and private.


Streaming services, gaming and streaming

Many streaming services, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky GO, and Hulu, have limited functionality depending on the user’s location. For this reason, many people want to make sure that they get value for money by opening previously closed movies and TV shows for viewing. Services like Steam, iTunes, and Google Play also, in some cases, restrict your access to content based on your IP address, and a VPN can help correct this injustice.


Choosing the right VPN service


When looking for a suitable VPN service, there are a few features to help you identify the right service. Important points to watch out for include server locations, encryption protocols, privacy practices, connection speed, VPN kill switch, and DNS leak protection.


These VPN providers have proven to be the best in all features.