VPN to remove restrictions on YouTube


We all know about YouTube and its almost unlimited amount of different videos. In principle, Youtube contains videos on every topic that comes to your mind. However, sometimes you may encounter restrictions that prevent you from watching a particular video. Learn why some videos are blocked and how you can use VPN to bypass these geographical restrictions.

Sometimes when you browse YouTube videos, you may have come across a “Video not available in my country” notification. In many cases, the video does not contain any reason why it should be unavailable, but often it is.

Then why block some YouTube videos? Sometimes this can be due to restrictions imposed by the video uploader. However, there are often different copyright issues involved. Occasionally, certain politically colored subjects may also be on the restricted videos list. In some cases, some countries also restrict YouTube content or even restrict access to the site in question.


Access blocked YouTube videos via VPN

VPN helps you unblock all Youtube videos, regardless of the reason for the restriction. When you use a VPN connection to watch YouTube, your actual IP address receives the virtual IP address of the VPN server you are connected to. Websites like Youtube will then see another IP address that you really have. This will give the website the impression that you are using the service from a location where there is no need to use restrictions on watching videos.

There is really no other way to circumvent these restrictions than by using a virtual private network, which allows you to report the virtual location on a suitable server that has no restrictions on these videos.

The best VPN apps for watching YouTube