VPN for Chrome


If you have a PC and regularly use the Internet, then it is very likely that your browser is Google Chrome. Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser, but when it comes to online security, it’s worth remembering that it’s not the most secure one. When Chrome acts as a gateway between you and the Internet, it can expose you to many vulnerabilities.

Chrome also continuously collects information about you and your web traffic and basically distributes this same information through cookies to other websites you visit. Chrome also passes your information to advertisers based on the user profile we collect from you.

The best way to stay safe with Chrome is to use a VPN connection with it. A VPN hides your IP address and thus encrypts your activity on the Internet. You can use VPN to create an invisible path between your device and the websites you are browsing. Your IP address is obscured by the virtual address of VPN’s global network, so basically no one can determine your actual location.

In addition, a VPN will not leave sensitive information such as passwords, security codes, or credit card numbers exposed to hackers when all your network activity is encrypted. This will protect your information and keep you safe.

The best VPN services with Google Chrome