VPN By device


Many people usually use the Internet on at least two or more devices. However, many may not necessarily think that not all VPN services work on every possible device, and not even two at a time. However, if you do not properly protect all the devices you are using, VPN cannot give you 100% protection.

Therefore, it is important that the VPN software acquisition takes into account which devices and applications it is coming with. You can probably use yours on your phone and laptop by checking both of them several times a day. If you only protect your laptop with VPN but your phone is hacked, your email is not secure. The same goes for online banking, shopping, credit card information and so on.

There are many devices or applications you can connect to with a VPN service. The most common devices are traditional Windows PCs, Android smartphones, Linux operating systems, Apple and iOS and, for example, Microsoft’s XBox.

Each VPN also offers different limits on the number of devices it can protect, but the good news is that many VPN providers allow multiple simultaneous connections to different devices. That way, using the same VPN provider on all your devices is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to surf the web safely.